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Within every good wardrobe should be a collection of sub-wardrobes; categories of items that are interchangeable with all other wardrobe elements to create essential outfits.

Bags are one of the most important categories and there are some must-have pieces that you shouldn't be without, such as a clutch, structured work bag, roomy tote, cross-body, and the love-it statement bag.

Humble straw and wood put an effortlessly cool spin on traditional carry-alls and classic bags, and we've found some durable canvas,  straw, wood, and bamboo. pieces, too.

Now for the leather debate. Is it sustainable? Is it eco-friendly? Do you want to take the natural or faux route?

Consider a product's lifecycle. How long will it last? When will you need to replace it? How will you use it? How long will you use it? When you do dispose of it, what will happen to it? 

Leather is very long lasting and, when compared to the production fall-out of plasticised synthetics, has an environmental edge in its sustainability. PVC and polyurethane just don't last as long as leather and, when synthetic leather does begin to wear out, it doesn’t wear out as very well to enable any up-cycling, nor does it break down, making it hard to recycle. Leather can live on and be recycled into future products, such as handbags and accessories.

We don't want plastic or synthetics, and we certainly don't want to pay the same or higher price for anything faux.

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