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Just as with bags, shoes are one of the most important wardrobe categories — some of us would say the most important —  and there is a checklist of styles that you shouldn't be without.

Every woman needs sleek sneakers, and we're not talking about gym sneakers. What goes to the gym should stay in the gym. A pump, a heel, a wedge, a comfortable, stylish flat... these are just a few styles that you should make sure you have to cover the basics. And, of course, the got-to-have-it just because you love it.

We think we've got you covered with this selection made from cotton, linen, hemp, canvas, bamboo, and leather.

As for the leather debate, see Bags, but here are some quick questions to consider. Is it sustainable? Is it eco-friendly? Do you want to go take the natural or faux route? The bottom line for us is that we don't want plastic or synthetics, and we certainly don't want to pay the same or higher price for anything faux.

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